Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Mommy & Me ~ At the Market

I simply adore my market bag. I've gotten so many compliments on it, everywhere I use it. Just think. If everyone carried a market bag with them while shopping how many fewer plastic bags would be in circulation. This bag is knit of a pima cotton and wool blend. It's luxurious to the touch...and it's not "super crunchy granola" as my husband puts it. It's soft and drapey...made of a nice garment yarn. :)

It stretches out *big* to hold lots of goodies! It has such a nice sturdy bottom it's going to hold up to lots of packing.

And, here's the best part. A little bag! It's so cute and just the right size for a child to carry. My almost 3 yo dd loves hers and feels a part of the action carrying her bag. It fits a bunch of banannas and a half dozen apples easily.

Here's the lacy weave...pretty, huh?

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Felted Bowls ~ My new passion!

Um...what kind of hat is that? Is that a diaper pin sitting next to it? Why are there loose ends sticking out? lol This *gorgeous* hat (lol) is really 7+ ounces of bulky weight wool yarn dyed by G-Button Baby knit into a bowl! Really, it is! After about 30 minutes of agitation in hot water.... looked like this! I am really in love with this bowl. It's a fabulous large bowl which is nice and sturdy and ready to collect all sorts of goodies!

If it were going to live here with me, I know this one would hold my yarn and needles for whichever project I'm working on. Or maybe it would gather fruit up...or, maybe it would hold our keys at the front door....

What ever task it winds up doing, I'm a bit sad it won't be doing it here. Boxing it up was difficult. ;)

Oh, Marcie...I think I need more yarn! ;)