Sunday, July 12, 2009

Cestari Colors Defined by Crayola!

For quite some time now I've wanted to do a cestari~crayola match up to assist with color selection. I finally found a smidgen of time to do so! This was fun! The hardest part was keeping the crayons all for me...and not having them swiped by little hands. ;) So, using a box of Crayola 64 purchased yesterday (I understand older boxes may have different colors?) I matched my color samples with crayons from the box. Here's what I found.

Row One : Zinnia (salmon-press HARD), Mountain Laurel (salmon-press lightly), Lemongrass (yellow green-press lightly), Goldenrod(goldenrod)
Row Two : Country Lavender (wisteria), Babies Breath, Spruce Blue (cornflower blended w/ pacific blue), Hummingbird Vine (red orange)
Row Three : Dahlia Red (red), Moss (olive green-press HARD), Bluet (sky blue), Thistle Pod (sepia-press lightly)

Row Four : Tiger Lily (peach blended w/red orange), Pussy Willow (gray), Spring Pasture (granny smith apple-press HARD), Peony Pink (mauvelous)

Babies Breath is a natural color and Black, though not pictured, is black. ;) can design your very special Silly Stripes™!


where the cool knits hang said...

That is so cool - now I just have to hope I will get to colour some up soon ;).

Handmade Knitwear said...

This is excellent Monica, a friend and I have just started up our own handmade knitwear company and I think the Crayola match up could be an ideal and quirky base for one of our marketing campaigns.