Wednesday, July 22, 2009

July Drawing Silly Stripes™...

are complete! This month's custom slot sent me yarn dyed by Micsknitz in her Shirley Temple colorway. Using the main colorway and trim skein, and adding two additional solids resulted in these beauties!

They are on their way home now.....I sure hope they are loved! :)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Cestari Colors Defined by Crayola!

For quite some time now I've wanted to do a cestari~crayola match up to assist with color selection. I finally found a smidgen of time to do so! This was fun! The hardest part was keeping the crayons all for me...and not having them swiped by little hands. ;) So, using a box of Crayola 64 purchased yesterday (I understand older boxes may have different colors?) I matched my color samples with crayons from the box. Here's what I found.

Row One : Zinnia (salmon-press HARD), Mountain Laurel (salmon-press lightly), Lemongrass (yellow green-press lightly), Goldenrod(goldenrod)
Row Two : Country Lavender (wisteria), Babies Breath, Spruce Blue (cornflower blended w/ pacific blue), Hummingbird Vine (red orange)
Row Three : Dahlia Red (red), Moss (olive green-press HARD), Bluet (sky blue), Thistle Pod (sepia-press lightly)

Row Four : Tiger Lily (peach blended w/red orange), Pussy Willow (gray), Spring Pasture (granny smith apple-press HARD), Peony Pink (mauvelous)

Babies Breath is a natural color and Black, though not pictured, is black. ;) can design your very special Silly Stripes™!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

An Exciting Announcement :)

On Friday July 3rd, my stand alone shop on Hyena Cart will be opening!

This has been a long time coming....and I think that I've sorted out how to keep myself from becoming overwhelmed with work, and still be able to collaborate with my friends, guest on congos and knit for my own children from time to time. I am *excited* for this growth.

I will be stocking on the third of each month at 3:30 HC time. You'll find custom spots, instock and a one of my wahm friends as a guest each month.

This month, you'll find one custom slot being sold via lottery, a very special skirty and a brand new design - a Silly Stripes™ Soaker Sack. Joining me are Andrea of Dwell Wool Knits and Kim of Western Sky Knits. It promises to be a great stocking. I hope you'll stop by!