Saturday, April 18, 2009

Hey! This is fun!!

LOL!! I'm having so much fun knitting right now. I have been blessed to be invited to do several guest stockings on Hyena Cart, so I am busy knitting those up. They are both a joy and a bit intimidating. I have made all the color decisions...hope you enjoy them! lol
Here's a little peek of a pair of boyish and one girlish.

I also am picking out colors for a tea party...hum...oh, the possibilities!! It will be four of these...see any you just love?

I just love that little picture. They are teeny little hanks that I twisted up to help me when I play with color. I couldn't resist taking a picture of them just tossed together. They're lots of fun!!

Oh, oh, oh!! Here is a little skirty that I completed and sent off to it's new little owner. I can not wait to see it on her. I really enjoyed these colors...this green is called "spring green" and it is named just perfectly!

And, last but not least...I'm working on a summer shawl for myself. This is Mosaic Moon Morwenstow. It is just a breathtaking colorway. Morwenna's colorways are just perfection. My goal is to complete this by my June, this should be complete and gracing my shoulders. I've got a ways to go. ;)

We're having a gorgeous spring day in Washington I'm going to spend some time outdoors with my kiddos...looking for silly inspirations! :)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Dwell Wool Knits is having a *party*!

And...I was invited!! Can you guess what I brought? ;)

There are some *amazing* wahms coming to Andrea's really should check it out.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Adventures in Knitting

Well, this project was a lot of fun!! Here are Bear's new(ish) Goldfish Shorties. ;)

It was unusually warm in SW WA yesterday, and I was possessed to work on this project again. need the back story.

These woolies started out as a purchase two years ago. They used to look like this....

I pulled them out and was left with

Which went into a lanolin rich soak...kind of neat looking, huh?

And then back into the hank...

And yesterday, I wound it up...added black wool to s t r e t c h the colorway...and voila! New woolies for Bear!!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Silly Stripes™ Manpris!

These are super special as they are for my very own Little Bear!! It's about time, huh? ;)

I love this length for the long in between weather of the PNW. Not as long as longies...but not short and chilly either. Pop on a pair of converse or crocs and it's a perfect outfit. Suppose I should find a matching shirt too, huh? Don't mind Bear's belly....he had on an orange tee...and it just didn't quite match. lol

I am really excited to start working on this length for spring....sometime soon you'll see a special pair pop up somewhere special. ;) (wink and giggle)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

The SugarBubbie Halter!

I have just received the go ahead from the designer of this top (the very talented Tina of SugarBubbie) to post my test knit of her darling new halter top pattern!! This top is perfect to match up with woolies or in our case, the perfect little top for our little gals out of diapers too! It is a simple knit and I hope you all look into it when the pattern is released. looks like will be soon!! Tina is stocking them at Artiste on April 5th!