Saturday, April 18, 2009

Hey! This is fun!!

LOL!! I'm having so much fun knitting right now. I have been blessed to be invited to do several guest stockings on Hyena Cart, so I am busy knitting those up. They are both a joy and a bit intimidating. I have made all the color decisions...hope you enjoy them! lol
Here's a little peek of a pair of boyish and one girlish.

I also am picking out colors for a tea party...hum...oh, the possibilities!! It will be four of these...see any you just love?

I just love that little picture. They are teeny little hanks that I twisted up to help me when I play with color. I couldn't resist taking a picture of them just tossed together. They're lots of fun!!

Oh, oh, oh!! Here is a little skirty that I completed and sent off to it's new little owner. I can not wait to see it on her. I really enjoyed these colors...this green is called "spring green" and it is named just perfectly!

And, last but not least...I'm working on a summer shawl for myself. This is Mosaic Moon Morwenstow. It is just a breathtaking colorway. Morwenna's colorways are just perfection. My goal is to complete this by my June, this should be complete and gracing my shoulders. I've got a ways to go. ;)

We're having a gorgeous spring day in Washington I'm going to spend some time outdoors with my kiddos...looking for silly inspirations! :)

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