Friday, April 3, 2009

Silly Stripes™ Manpris!

These are super special as they are for my very own Little Bear!! It's about time, huh? ;)

I love this length for the long in between weather of the PNW. Not as long as longies...but not short and chilly either. Pop on a pair of converse or crocs and it's a perfect outfit. Suppose I should find a matching shirt too, huh? Don't mind Bear's belly....he had on an orange tee...and it just didn't quite match. lol

I am really excited to start working on this length for spring....sometime soon you'll see a special pair pop up somewhere special. ;) (wink and giggle)


Comfort Wool said...

could he be any cuter!

kimsansf said...

holy bejeeze..... i love those colors and i love that bear!

Monica said...

Aw, thanks mommas!!