Sunday, November 30, 2008

I would like your input please :)

I am going to be making some changes at Little Bear Knitwear in the new year. One of the things I'm working on is a yarn base change. I have been frustrated by the delivery times of the yarn I'm currently working with, and to change yarns I will need to make a *massive* purchase of the colors I intend to offer. However, by doing this, I will have the yarns I need on hand and I will not have to wait for yarns to be delivered. (Trust me...this has been a HUGE headache....this change is good! ) I think you'll be happy with the new yarns as well. :)'s the help I am requesting. What four colors would make up perfect Silly Stripes™ in your mind? I'll be limiting my offerings to probably 16 colors...but as you've seen...just adjusting the order of the same four colors can make a marked difference, so I think it will work wonderfully. But, which colors are "must haves" in your opinion? I'll be ordering this yarn this please comment as soon as you can. Thanks so much!!!

Huge smiles...and I'll be trying to post more often...I'm not sure where November went...

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I've had an amazing month when it comes to good fortune and selfless giving...and it's only the 15th! So, rather than try to keep this contest to myself, I must share it with you all! Karma is an amazing energy!

My friend Christina of Bamboletta dolls is running a blog contest. You can read all about it here. Christina's dolls are amazing...we are the proud owners of two. Every boy and girl should have one - momma's too! My next purchase will be for me. :)

Also...I have been an absentee blogger recently. I've taken pictures, though of things to write...and not done any of it. We have been especially busy...but I'll be taking the time for an update soon. I'm probably going to be laying low on customs for the month of December, then have a few things in mind for January. I'll keep you all posted!