Sunday, November 30, 2008

I would like your input please :)

I am going to be making some changes at Little Bear Knitwear in the new year. One of the things I'm working on is a yarn base change. I have been frustrated by the delivery times of the yarn I'm currently working with, and to change yarns I will need to make a *massive* purchase of the colors I intend to offer. However, by doing this, I will have the yarns I need on hand and I will not have to wait for yarns to be delivered. (Trust me...this has been a HUGE headache....this change is good! ) I think you'll be happy with the new yarns as well. :)'s the help I am requesting. What four colors would make up perfect Silly Stripes™ in your mind? I'll be limiting my offerings to probably 16 colors...but as you've seen...just adjusting the order of the same four colors can make a marked difference, so I think it will work wonderfully. But, which colors are "must haves" in your opinion? I'll be ordering this yarn this please comment as soon as you can. Thanks so much!!!

Huge smiles...and I'll be trying to post more often...I'm not sure where November went...


Tawny said...

Definitely brown, it goes with boy and girl stuff, a dark pink, a turquoise blue, and orange. Those colors are my favs :)

kimsansf said...

Id say definitely keep the neutrals...

natural, taupe, chocolate, black and that lovely gray

Keep a couple shades each of blue pink and green.

Right there you have a ton of flexibility

add in maybe a purple a red and an orange and you should be good

for me I dream of sillies in sstorm and sage.

and there are a TON of ways to choose 4 from a set of 16 choices

Shadow said...

Purple, teal, deep pink (a little) and brown would grab me.

Or mid-blue, turquoise, purple and green (a little).

In the right size I'd jump on them!

organicmommy said...

plum, olive green, white and brown!

Aimee said...

Blue, brown, orange, red

Jennifer said...

Deep pink, turquoise, chocolate brown, and cream/natural colors. That is my fave color combo right now

twirl said...

light pink, dark and light green, natural/cream

Kyna said...

I would do the rainbow with a few additions to allow for creating something more gender specific.

The main colors of the rainbow can (mostly) be considered GN. Purple has been debated but if you do a deep plum then it can certainly work for both genders.

Gender Neutral Main Rainbow
1. Red
2. Orange
3. Yellow
4. Green
5. Blue
6. Purple (debatable to some customers - I would do a deep purple to make it ore GN)

Gender Neutral Additions
7. Brown
8. Grey
9. Black
10. Natural
11. Olive

Traditionally Masculine Additions
12. Navy Blue
13. Light Blue

Traditionally Feminine Additions
14. Dark Pink
15. Pale Pink
16. Lavender

Anonymous said...

So, let's just pretend that 'anonymous' reads as 'marissa'. I'm really bad at remembering passwords!
I like Kyna's suggestion alot, except that I think I would maybe sub one of the blues for another green - two of each that way. As much as I love blues, I think that having three different shades of it might be giving it over-representation. Well, that and I would just feel bad for both sage and bottle green to be left out, I think one of them should stay :) Good luck in the decission!

Ammie said...

I am partial to these, lol!
green (sage)

But I think that
would be awesome too!

Anonymous said...

Medium Pink

Anonymous said...


chocolate brown, pretty pink, cream, pale blue

Anonymous said...

ACk! I haven't had time to think of my perfect pair of silly stripes yet, but am very partial to the following colors: medium/dark pink, turquoise, light pink, and chocolate borwn. :)