Thursday, August 28, 2008

HABA Recall

Well, this post is just as a mom...I figure some of you may have these HABA I wanted to show you the link so you could make an informed decision regarding your child's toys. The recall was released today.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Headed to the Kite Festival!!

We are leaving for our beach vacation a day earlier than planned originally! :) Yippeee!
I'm gathering my yarns, and I'll be working on customs. If you are trying to reach me....I will not have access to the internet...or it will be extremely limited. My laptop is staying home. I'll return all emails and PMs on Monday!
Have a great weekend!

Did you know Purple and Green were meant to be together?

I don't think it is as common a combination as it should be. I adore these colors together!

When this momma requested that *I* choose purple and green colors that worked well together, I was so excited to play in my yarn stash. I originally was thinking a different darker green to compliment the sage, but when the bottle green rolled over, it was serendipity. I loved it from the very first moment...even as just single strands of colored yarn.

Now, this picture needs to be retaken...we're having a lack of sun in the PNW...but I had to share them with their new for now, it works. ;)

Would you like to hear the sad fate of the little hat for this set? It was nearly complete, when Bear decided to put it on his enormous noggin. Oops. Stitches were coming apart everywhere. The ends had not yet been woven in, and I was not pleased with how they were tightening up after such a big stretch. So....that hat will become a felted ball at some point, and a new one will be cast on this weekend. ;) Bet that never happened in a factory! I love being a WAHM....not everyone could say production was halted by a 19 month old curious boy.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

WIP for Bear

So...I made a deal with myself. Once a week I go stitch and b!tch at my LYS. It is really a fantastic yarn store...she has the *hands down* best espresso in town. So...I go to stitch and chat and have a really good coffee. This is my *me* knitting time. :)

I've been working on these longies for Bear each time I go. They have a 23" hip and a 20" rise...and the leg will be around 13", so they are no small task. I work on them just a few hours a week...but I just had to share the progress I've made because I'm thrilled with this yarn.

This is Red Rock Canyon dyed by Southwest Spectrum. Debbie is new-ish to HC and also has a shop on Etsy. I could not be happier with this yarn. It is soft and squishy and the colors are so vivid. Debbie offered this colorway on her HC, and I just loved it, but the four ounces offered were simply not enough. I emailed her and requested a greater quantity. She dyed it up for me quickly and expertly!

I have about 6 inches left to go on this first this wip will be ongoing for a'll show updates from time to time! Hopefully they'll be complete by spring! HA!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

They Call Me ~ Redbeard!

So...this post has nothing to do with woolies. Or with stripes. Or diapers for that matter...but because so many of you have become my friends, I feel the need to share these pictures with you. This is my messy little love who keeps me knitting dishcloths. I can't stand them all stained I think I'll need to knit another. ;)

With two red bearded uncles (one on each side) it will be no real surprise if Bear eventually grows a red beard...but at only 19 months old, he is already trying to look like Uncle Matt and Uncle Guy.

He liked his ravioli so well, that he sucked his spoon clean and slurped from his bowl...hence the perfect beard.

Quite the proud little guy, wouldn't you say? ;)

Let's not talk about the clean up. :)

Friday, August 15, 2008

Over the Rainbow Stocking at Sympatico

We're having a Rainbow Party at Sympatico!
In honor of that stocking I just wrapped up one of *hopefully* two pair of very special Silly Stripe™ Woolies. This pair is a traditional rainbow with red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. They are *bright* and I think they are oodles of fun!!
You'll notice that these Silly Stripes™ are a bit different in that they have six colors, not the ordinary four. I have no plans to repeat them anytime soon....they are kind of a special edition. ;)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

A little *extra flair*!

What little girl *wouldn't* like Silly Stripes ™ with a bit extra flair? ;) lol

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

In Progress...

Well, my friend Andrea inspired me to take a shot of my current W.I.P.s (Works In Progress).'s what is on my needles currently.

Some of them are in a holding pattern. Namely, the ones for Bear. ;) Poor guy. Those Turtle Butts for him have been holding for weeks! They only need a cuff! Then he can wear them...I should really complete them. I guess since they're out...I could do that tonight. ;)
The silly stripes are complete, they need to be washed and blocked tonight...then I'll get good pictures. ;) The Tiny TB need completing before the bottom they are for outgrows them! Eep!
Oh...and the Rainbows...I'm going to work up the legs on those next. :) I can't wait! I have another pair of really special rainbows in my noggin'...I need to commit to knitting them up for our Rainbow stocking just around the corner. :)

Monday, August 11, 2008

Hibernating in the Bear Den

Oh! What a week! Bear has had a virus of some sort. Poor guy. He held a 102 degree to 104.7 degree temperature for two days. It did not respond terribly well to I knew he was "cooking" out a little problem in his system. I did take him to see the doctor when he began to whine about his ear...but the doctor declared him perfectly healthy-with a virus. So...we've been waiting it out. Today is day 6 of the illness and day two of no fever...I won't share his remaining symptom with you...just know diaper laundry has been fun. Not.

Now, how does that affect Little Bear Knitwear? Well...I'm behind. I will catch up...but naps and nighttime have been a bit of a "growl", so I am about a week off my schedule. I don't do well knitting with a child clinging to me...and I'm reluctant to share our germs anyway. So please bear with me and accept my apologies for not stocking two slots on Friday. I didn't want to over commit September if August runs behind. Thanks for understanding!

Yesterday I washed and blocked this pair. I love the way they turned out, and hope their new family does too! ;)

I am also about 70% complete on a small girly pair with a little flair! Expect pictures on those soon!!

My August yarns have been delayed by UPS...why, oh why, UPS, must you toy with me? I sure hope you show up today! 10 days on order is too long. I'll update when they arrive! :)

OH!!! I almost forgot. Sympatico is doing a Rainbow stocking on the 29th. I'm excited. I have a special pair ready for legs for that. Keep your fingers crossed that my kiddos stay I have a second pair I really want to do as well. :)

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Ok...about customs...

For now, I have decided to keep filling slots through my HC Congo only. I'll be listing two slots on Friday the 8th, and one more on the 22nd. These will be September slots.
Also, I wanted to let everyone know that I'll be traveling the whole month of October...most of it without my husband...poor guy must work. So, I'm not sure if I'll be taking any slots for October. It will depend on how settled my kiddos are while we're traveling. I will resume filling slots for November though! :)
Also, I should note, I've changed the slots at the request of quite a few to be longies only. However, a hat can still be added on. This way, you get just exactly what you want. Yay!
Thanks so, so much for all of your support!

Latest Silly Stripes

This is just a quick shot of my latest custom Silly Stripes Longies. In this picture they're unwashed or blocked...and in need of a with two toddlers and a weather issue...I always want to get the shot when I can!
I love these colors together and hope to see them in action when they arrive at their new home. (hint, hint-lol)

Thanks for peeking!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Knitting with Toddlers....

I have two kiddos. Emma who is 38 months old and little brother Bear who is almost 19 months. Emma can knit. :D You know...use straight needles and make a huge knot out of momma's yarn. I learned this the hard way with some fairly expensive Selah yarn. Oops! Now she has her own ball of yarn and her own needles. Who knows? She may just be the next great knitter! Then there is my little guy. While I'm knitting, he will confirm (at least every 10-15 stitches) that I'm using "yan" and knitting a "haa". He points to me and his little voice inflects with the questions. I will confirm for him that I am using "yarn" but I'm not knitting a hat...usually it's britches. When I really am knitting a hat...he'll continue with "my?". lol It's really quite cute, but after about two minutes of it...well, you know. Broken record syndrom. ;)
Which brings me to my point. I don't get much knitting when my babe's are awake. But, here's an update...the orange/blue/yellow pair below have one leg left, then the matching hat. Yahoo! The rainbows have one leg started, but they're on the back burner right now. And Bears TB? lol...maybe I'll take the time to finish it today. It's just **so** close!