Wednesday, August 13, 2008

In Progress...

Well, my friend Andrea inspired me to take a shot of my current W.I.P.s (Works In Progress).'s what is on my needles currently.

Some of them are in a holding pattern. Namely, the ones for Bear. ;) Poor guy. Those Turtle Butts for him have been holding for weeks! They only need a cuff! Then he can wear them...I should really complete them. I guess since they're out...I could do that tonight. ;)
The silly stripes are complete, they need to be washed and blocked tonight...then I'll get good pictures. ;) The Tiny TB need completing before the bottom they are for outgrows them! Eep!
Oh...and the Rainbows...I'm going to work up the legs on those next. :) I can't wait! I have another pair of really special rainbows in my noggin'...I need to commit to knitting them up for our Rainbow stocking just around the corner. :)

1 comment:

Andrea said...

Look at all those fun projects! Ya gotta finish that Turtle Butt, so close! Yes, you were my inspiration for doing more than one at a time. It sure helps with project boredom! ;)