Thursday, August 21, 2008

Did you know Purple and Green were meant to be together?

I don't think it is as common a combination as it should be. I adore these colors together!

When this momma requested that *I* choose purple and green colors that worked well together, I was so excited to play in my yarn stash. I originally was thinking a different darker green to compliment the sage, but when the bottle green rolled over, it was serendipity. I loved it from the very first moment...even as just single strands of colored yarn.

Now, this picture needs to be retaken...we're having a lack of sun in the PNW...but I had to share them with their new for now, it works. ;)

Would you like to hear the sad fate of the little hat for this set? It was nearly complete, when Bear decided to put it on his enormous noggin. Oops. Stitches were coming apart everywhere. The ends had not yet been woven in, and I was not pleased with how they were tightening up after such a big stretch. So....that hat will become a felted ball at some point, and a new one will be cast on this weekend. ;) Bet that never happened in a factory! I love being a WAHM....not everyone could say production was halted by a 19 month old curious boy.

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