Sunday, August 17, 2008

They Call Me ~ Redbeard!

So...this post has nothing to do with woolies. Or with stripes. Or diapers for that matter...but because so many of you have become my friends, I feel the need to share these pictures with you. This is my messy little love who keeps me knitting dishcloths. I can't stand them all stained I think I'll need to knit another. ;)

With two red bearded uncles (one on each side) it will be no real surprise if Bear eventually grows a red beard...but at only 19 months old, he is already trying to look like Uncle Matt and Uncle Guy.

He liked his ravioli so well, that he sucked his spoon clean and slurped from his bowl...hence the perfect beard.

Quite the proud little guy, wouldn't you say? ;)

Let's not talk about the clean up. :)

1 comment:

Andrea said...

How cute!!! And wow, his eyes are so blue and beautiful! That clean up must not have been fun. LOL!