Monday, August 11, 2008

Hibernating in the Bear Den

Oh! What a week! Bear has had a virus of some sort. Poor guy. He held a 102 degree to 104.7 degree temperature for two days. It did not respond terribly well to I knew he was "cooking" out a little problem in his system. I did take him to see the doctor when he began to whine about his ear...but the doctor declared him perfectly healthy-with a virus. So...we've been waiting it out. Today is day 6 of the illness and day two of no fever...I won't share his remaining symptom with you...just know diaper laundry has been fun. Not.

Now, how does that affect Little Bear Knitwear? Well...I'm behind. I will catch up...but naps and nighttime have been a bit of a "growl", so I am about a week off my schedule. I don't do well knitting with a child clinging to me...and I'm reluctant to share our germs anyway. So please bear with me and accept my apologies for not stocking two slots on Friday. I didn't want to over commit September if August runs behind. Thanks for understanding!

Yesterday I washed and blocked this pair. I love the way they turned out, and hope their new family does too! ;)

I am also about 70% complete on a small girly pair with a little flair! Expect pictures on those soon!!

My August yarns have been delayed by UPS...why, oh why, UPS, must you toy with me? I sure hope you show up today! 10 days on order is too long. I'll update when they arrive! :)

OH!!! I almost forgot. Sympatico is doing a Rainbow stocking on the 29th. I'm excited. I have a special pair ready for legs for that. Keep your fingers crossed that my kiddos stay I have a second pair I really want to do as well. :)

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Renee said...

Hope your LO gets well soon =-)