Friday, August 1, 2008

Knitting with Toddlers....

I have two kiddos. Emma who is 38 months old and little brother Bear who is almost 19 months. Emma can knit. :D You know...use straight needles and make a huge knot out of momma's yarn. I learned this the hard way with some fairly expensive Selah yarn. Oops! Now she has her own ball of yarn and her own needles. Who knows? She may just be the next great knitter! Then there is my little guy. While I'm knitting, he will confirm (at least every 10-15 stitches) that I'm using "yan" and knitting a "haa". He points to me and his little voice inflects with the questions. I will confirm for him that I am using "yarn" but I'm not knitting a hat...usually it's britches. When I really am knitting a hat...he'll continue with "my?". lol It's really quite cute, but after about two minutes of it...well, you know. Broken record syndrom. ;)
Which brings me to my point. I don't get much knitting when my babe's are awake. But, here's an update...the orange/blue/yellow pair below have one leg left, then the matching hat. Yahoo! The rainbows have one leg started, but they're on the back burner right now. And Bears TB? lol...maybe I'll take the time to finish it today. It's just **so** close!

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