Saturday, September 20, 2008

Drumroll please! ;)

And the winner is.....Comment # 14! Left by my dear friend Andrea!! This should help to keep you warm in your new state! I'll be in contact with you to pick your brain about colors. :)
Thank you to everyone who left a comment....I really appreciate all of you! unless you have "super spy eyes" there is no way you can read that! lol...but if you click it to open, you'll see that I got a random # between 1 and 29...and 14 it is! :)


Andrea said...

Stop!!! Are you for real?!? Yayayayay!!! Monica, I'm so excited! It's late for me to be up and I just meandered over here when my feed showed your update. I was rubbing my eyes b/c I wasn't sure I reading right?! Thank you so much! *off to play the lottery with my new lucky streak**

Monica said...

I laughed out loud when I counted down to comment #14! :D I decided to see if you'd find this too...evil, huh? I would have emailed you tomorrow. Well, I still will! :)

spinpygora said...

Hey Monica,
When the heck did you start blogging? Cute blog, btw!