Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Lotto Time!

I am ready to work up a pair of small Silly Stripes™ woolies! :) As I'm still reworking the patterns for my new yarn, I am opening this lotto up for people interested in purchasing a size small with a hip of 17" and a rise of 15". You will be able to choose a custom inseam to fit your little one.

I will be accepting email entries through January 31 at midnight. Please email me at littlebearknitwear@comcast.net with the subject "Small Lotto" to enter. I will use a random number generator to choose the winner on Sunday, February 1st after I wake. Good luck!


Mommy to Cheyenne said...

Awwww too small for us, unless you think I could shrink DD, LOL!

Monica said...

I totally understand about too small. My little guy is HUGE, lol, and I always have to buy custom. The next one will be larger, then after that...they will be true customs...you pick all! :)

Shanna said...

To small for us too :( I keep looking and hoping! I am sure they are going to be cute!