Thursday, May 21, 2009

Silly Cranky Stripes Monster Booty Pants!

Whew...what a mouthful! But, it's true! Amy Kett of Crankypants goodness and I are going to be collaborating on a super special, ooak pair of woolies.
Amy is fundraising at her son's school to assist in the building of a play scape for the thrid, fourth and fifth grade. As a former elementary school teacher, this is close to my heart as I believe that *each and every child* needs a place to play, exersise and build social skills with their peers during breaks from the school day. The plan looks great and appears to be a very well planned financial expenditure...but, as money does not grow on trees (as we're all too aware) they need a bit of assistance to reach this goal.
This is where we all come in! Amy requested donations for this fundraiser, and she and I have come up with something pretty special. You'll have to use your imagination to picture it, but....after the winner of the lotto chooses four colors, Amy is going to knit a Monster Booty then send it off to me to Silly Stripe the legs! I am very excited to see these *Silly Cranky Stripes Monster Booty Pants*!

For inspiration.....

Check out this great fundraiser now...there is only one day left!
Vance Playground Project on Hyena Cart

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Shan said...

Ohhhh...I bought a raffle ticket for these and I really hope I win!!