Thursday, October 8, 2009

It has been forever.....and some SS!

It has been forever since I've blogged! With my wrist injury (which I don't think I ever blogged....just talked about in my shop?) I was slowed down to NOTHING for weeks. I spent 8 weeks in a splint *waiting* for recovery...and when I began was painful and I had to really concentrate to get my tension correct. Another time, I'll have to post my shawl I was a "recovery wrap" for me. I knit the whole thing in 15 minute increments-knit 15, ice times!! I'm happy to report that since my injury I've completed *two* pair of Silly Stripes™ longies! The first is a custom pair from pre-injury...they are *finally* complete!

They are for a little guy who uses the they look *loooong*. :) I can not wait to see them on him!

Now....I have been invited to stock at Fresh on Friday! I am very excited!! There will be an in-stock pair of SS longies with a darling tee by Nikki of Tadpoles & Butterflies.

A little peek for you. :)

And....though it may be tricky to may find this if you look hard enough!

{giggle} The first one in MONTHS!

I hope to see you there!!


Miranda said...

Gah, I tried for the Fresh set Monica, but I missed it (think I hit F5 twice and it delayed the computer!). I am so bummed. Ephraim would have looked CUTE! Your work is still lovely. I hope your hand is healing up nicely. :)

Dwell Wool Knits said...

Monica, Liam's Silly Stripes arrived today, (we're the owner of the loooong ones) and they are SO perfect! Thank you!!