Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Cub Cuddler Debut at WSK!

Today is a big day for Little Bear Knitwear! My first pattern, the Cub Cuddler, is debuting at Western Sky Knits on Hyena Cart. :) I am very excited about this. There is also a collaboration between Leidy and I.....your very own Cub Cuddler! Please come see....there is an amazing birthday bash going on! Something for *everyone*. I know where I'll be at 1 o'clock! ;)


MensKnitwear said...

Very cool knitwear! :)

Tastic said...

I brought the pattern for this but am having trouble with it since Im not in the us I don't use inchs etc. are you able to email and help me convert it so I can understand it? my email is
Trish Watton

mary said...


how to buy the pattern please ?

ON RAVELRY source is no longer online