Monday, March 2, 2009

Wildflower Silly Stripes™ & Custom Lotto Time!

This little pair of Silly Stripes™ reminds me so much of a wildflower garden. So sweet and perfect for a sweet little girl. They'll be going home as soon as they are dry this week.

Since this pair is complete it is time to begin another pair! This time, it will be a *you choose all* lottery to purchase!!

I will accept email entries until Thursday at noon pacific time. Once I get my kiddos down to nap, I will use a random # generator to choose the winner of the custom slot. Please email your entry to with the subject "March Custom". The subject is *very* important, as I have my inbox set up to filter these emails into a special folder. Please only enter one time. ;) To keep things fair, I'll delete multiple entries.

Remember, this is a you choose all custom slot, so longies, skirties and board shorts/capris are all available this time in any size you choose. This slot is for *one* pair of woolies except in the case of twins or higher order multiples...then we'll chat about more woolies. ;)

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sarena said...

Yeah, there's hope and a chance!