Sunday, March 16, 2008

Recycled Shorties are Complete!

Can you even tell the difference? lol At first glance, I couldn't either. ;)

However, when you take a close look, they are different. They now are a smaller size because I've knit them on size 6 needles. This small needle size ensures a nice bulletproof wool cover without having to be felted. They've got a nice big gansey gusset (which means there is more gusset in the rear) and ample short row space in the back for a cloth fanny. The ribbed leg on these are *very* short. One inch from the end of the gusset to bind off, so they're really a soaker/short.
Now I'm working on the tee shirt to make this a set. It's going to be pretty special! I'm very excited. Stay tuned!

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