Friday, March 28, 2008

Tree Hugger Set

These little shorties were begging to be a set. I really wanted them to be a "boy" set, but it just wasn't in the cards. lol When they knit up so nicely, but short, they really wanted a little swing top. So they went on a shopping trip with me to Target. This little brown top matches the darkest brown flecks in the shorties, so it was a match made in heaven.

Since my personal theme for this April stocking is ~Earthy~ I thought that they really needed an earthy applique. The idea for a little tree came about, well honestly, becuase the trunk of the tree was *all* the wool left over from doing the shorties. ;) So, what can be made from a rectangle? A tree trunk of course! On to the top of the tree!

I just love the texture of felted wool. Kind of gives the texture of bark and leaves. Do you see how the bark runs vertically and the leaves run horizontally? Planned! ;)

While I've got oodles of pictures...just want to point out how much I love this britches pattern. Melanie's
Adorabubble Britches pattern gives such a nice bootie area. Love the fit!


Keli said...

Oh Monica, if these just had a teensy bit longer rise, I'd be all over this set. It is absolutely gorgeous!!

Sassy Boo said...

They are so cute! I wish they were my size!