Wednesday, July 23, 2008

He *is* a Bear! you may know by now that I call my darling son Bear. It's his nickname..though he has a perfectly good name on his birth certificate, I call him Bear most of the time. It's funny how a nickname can evolve to become just what it needs to be in the moment.
When Bear was born, he was a snuggle a teddy bear that you had clutched to when you were small. He also growled a little bit. He wasn't a grunter...he was a growler. He grew quite quickly, and when he began to crawl, he looked like a small cub. So big, with huge hands, lumbering along. He still growled quite a bit. Now Bear is 18 months old. He fits his name for different reasons each day. He's still my cuddly teddy bear. He still growls-though often now a defensive growl at his big sis'. ;) When he's teething, or especially tired, he's an angry out. Today, he's been my teddy bear, and my angry bear. Right now he's sleeping and I should be knitting. My little Bear's hibernation only lasts just over an hour.

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