Thursday, July 24, 2008

Since diapering wool requires a diaper....

I'm constantly on the look out for amazing fitteds. :)
Honestly, we use a great deal of prefolds too...but good fitteds are such a joy. When I was about 6 months into diapering two children, I underwent a *huge* diaper sell off and streamlined my stash to prefolds, flats, and my favoirte workhorse fitteds. This included GMARs (now called Prefitteds), Fireflies and Clovers. They work. They fit well. They're simple to use when diapering two requires a quick laundry turn around.
Now that Emma has PLed, I'm on the great diaper search again. Bear is my last baby, so I've decided to get him some new diapers (who am I kidding, they're for me) to finish out his days in cloth. So...what am I loving?
Clothmopolitans. What is not to love? I used them when my babies were in smalls and mediums, then overlooked them when I did my great streamlining. Here's Bear in his new carrots diaper. There is a peas to match. I also treated him (me) to a bear one as well...but we can't show that one off just yet.

I've found another new *favorite* for night time. I'm not sure how I did night time diapering before these diapers!!! Bonnie at Holden's Landing makes an amazing diaper called the Bed Bug. When she makes them all pretty with dye and embroidery, they then become a Dreamscape. These diapers are *amazing*. I can let Bear sleep in one with a day weight layer of wool, and our sheets are dry and he's totally comfortable. Here's Bear with his bear getting ready for bed.

Nice looking diaper, huh?

So...I'll continue on this quest for new and wonderful fitteds until Bear PLs. Hopefully when he does, it will be easy for us both...but secretly, I'm wishing it won't be for a while. ;)

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Andrea said...

They look awesome on your Bear! We used to love those Bedbug Dreamscapes too. Now I want a one since Liam had outgrown his!