Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Knitter's A.D.D. & Some Haiku

Knitter's Attention Deficit Disorder. I think it may really exist. I'm fairly certain I have it! ;)

Here are my current WIPs.

What we have here are a custom I began two days ago, a Turtle Butt soaker for my own ds, and a rainbow pair of Silly Stripes I started last night.
The Turtle Butt only has a cuff left ~not a lot of work, but my kids always come last...cobbler's son effect...and so it's on the back burner. ;)
The custom will be resumed very when I'm done typing. ;) And the rainbow? Well, there is time for that one...but I was excited to put the colors together. This snapshot doesn't do them justice. They're going to be adorable I think.

Also, true to her promise, my poetry momma is still serenading me with poetry! :)
Here are the latest two.

From Tuesday...
dry and happy boy
colorful stripes on his bum
warm all winter long

And this morning while I sipped my coffee, I enjoyed this one.
longing for longies
bright, bold, fun and fabulous
perfect pair of pants

:) How fun are these? What my poetry momma doesn't know, is I used to be a school teacher, and each day I check her Haiku for proper structure. They're correct! lol...I really like getting her emails...I bet they'll stop when she scores a slot! ROFL!! to knit. Have a great Wednesday!!

Wait! Stop the presses...I forgot to post this hat when I took pictures of it. Love this picture. It just makes me smile...though, you really can't see the longies at all. to knit! :)

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